The older high pressure sodium and metal halide lights are still the number one selling horticultural fixtures out there.  Most growers really don’t' care about how much money they are spending power and are not interested in lowering their power consumption.  For most cases, that is true, unless you want better.  What we've been doing is providing people better; like higher yields and faster crop rotation schedules.  We're taking most of these 80 day strains (cannabis) that's normally 57 - 60 day strain and we're pulling that down in 53 and 50 days.  Our lighting technology will not only help you grow stronger, increased yields, it will also save you a lot of money on installation, and the costs to run the fixtures.  See the graph below on how much money you can save using our 545 watt Spectron fixture versus a 1000w high pressure sodium or metal halide fixture.

Below is a case study on when we retrofitted a grow operation from 1000w fixtures to our Spectron fixture.  The most significant change was that the THC content was 5 points higher, which is a 20% increase.  The THC went from 19.9% to 24.9%, with nothing but changing but the lights.  Everything was kept the same from the previous crop besides the lighting technology; growing medium, CO2, watering, etc.  The increase of THC will very for each strain of cannabis, but the minimum result we have seen is a 1% increase of THC potency.  The growers who use the 1000 watt fixtures are leery of the technology because they haven’t seen it in action.  Trust us, IT WORKS!!

"Quality of the flower is phenomenal, size is small, structure is looser."

"THC content with the LEDs was 5% higher than GG4 under conventional lights.  This is significant"